Slago 2013

Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses

Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses (MCMC) improve cancer care globally through the promotion of interdisciplinary cancer management. The course provides fundamental training for physicians, nurses, pathologists, and residents in countries where patients with cancer are frequently treated by non-specialists.

The MCMC teaches multidisciplinary management of the most prevalent cancer types in the host country and include mock tumor board discussions and education in the aspects of treatment from initial presentation to end of life care. Topics include breast, colon, anal canal, rectal, lung, prostate and head and neck cancers, among others.

ASCO collaborates with societies in low-to-middle income countries to hold MCMC and "Train the Trainer" programs in their countries. Submit completed applications along with a letter of support from an ASCO member within your country to

12 al 14 de septiembre. Hotel Sheraton. Montevideo, Uruguay